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Keeping Your Best Intentions

Welcome Everyone!

Where does the time go! Every year, when the summer solstice comes, it reminds me that, already, half the year is gone!

For many of us, summer is a favorite time of year, and gets us thinking of vacations, road trips, lazy days. It reminds me of a big exhale, with the heat of the season inviting us to slow down, and take some well-deserved time off.

We live in a time, though, when it’s all about “doing.” In fact, the last two newsletters have been about things to do in order to keep the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, a life of balance would dictate that, in achieving your goals, it’s equally as important “not to do.” So, with the summer here, let’s look at a few ways to bring the season into your lifestyle, and make “not doing” an essential element in keeping your best intentions…


Feature Article

The Three R’s

A number of years ago, while attending a seminar in California, the presenter, Gay Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute, was relating his findings from a study he had done with America’s top executives, to determine what lifestyle choices they shared. Across the board, what he found was that every last one of them was an absolute stickler about taking structured time off, despite their busy schedules. In fact, taking a full day off each week, where no task was goal oriented, was the norm.

When I share this suggestion with clients, the most immediate reaction I get is “no way!” and then the list of excuses start: “I have kids,” or “I work full time,” of “My husband/wife/(fill in the blank) would never go for that!” and on it goes. Even though these objections may be legitimate, what, if just for a moment, you allowed yourself to breathe in the possibility? If not a full day, how about a half day, say a weekend morning? Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to do absolutely nothing—just nothing with an end goal in mind. For example, you can garden if you love it, but not because you’ve got to get that weeding done. You can indulge in a hobby if it’s relaxing, but not because you’ve got to get it finished. For a day, or just a half day, just do what you do, at the pace you’d like to do it.

What does this have to do with keeping your best intentions? Everything. All of us lead busy lives, with lots of things to tend to and juggle. But we think that just because we live in a world where everything is available all the time, we should be, too. Yet, not even a generation ago, none of the technology we “can’t live without” even existed. Stores closed on Sunday. If, while we were out, the phone rang, or our favorite show was on TV, we missed it. And no one thought twice about it. Now, it’s as if we don’t want to miss anything at all—ever, and our poor nervous systems are overloaded and exhausted. Unless we take the situation in hand, we’ll never catch our breath, and it will be virtually impossible to maintain the high level of effectiveness and productivity we demand from ourselves.

So, let this summer be a season where you sit back, and consider the simple wisdom of these “Three R’s:”

This means not only making sure you get enough sleep, but building some time into your week where you allow yourself to move at your own pace. Just putter around your house, peruse the bookstore for nothing in particular. Just be.
Make time for vacation, and be sure you don’t spend all your time “seeing the sights.” My family lives up north, and often when I’m flying from Orlando to see them, I can’t help but notice the faces of parents who are simply exhausted after their theme park “vacations.” So, no matter what you do, be sure there’s downtime for you to just relax. And turn off (or better yet, leave at home), the lap tops and cell phones!

Think any activity that gives you energy: taking a hike in the woods, spending the day at the beach, enjoying your favorite hobby, having lunch with a favorite friend. The goal: come away saying, “That was great!”

Spending a few minutes of quiet time every day is invaluable. Something as simple as watching your breathing, and being present to your surroundings, is a wonderful way to reconnect. You can also spend quiet time in prayer, doing any kind of spiritual reading, journaling—anything that helps you to gain perspective, and reminds you of a world larger than yourself.

Until next time…
Be well!



What's New

Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 7 pm.
I will be speaking at Infertility Support of Central Florida, (an affiliate of Resolve), at their meeting in Winter Park, FL. My presentation will be based on my upcoming book, “I Am More Than My Infertility: 7 Proven Steps to Reclaim Your Life,” due in bookstores in 2007. For information, check out their website at or call 407-299-6563.

Conceive on Air! Conceive Magazine’s Radio Show is Fabulous!
Listen live on Wednesday at 2 pm EST, by logging onto I will be speaking about adoption with radio host, Kim Hahn, on Wednesday, July 12. You can also listen to archived shows on my website, including the May 17 program, in which I discussed “How to Treat Yourself While You're Trying to Conceive.”


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