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Gas prices!


Now that’s a subject that’s on everybody’s mind these days. Hard to believe that just six years ago—that’s 2002—gas was just $1.00 a gallon. How quickly things have changed!

Yes, people are driving less and becoming more conscious of how they use this precious resource. But maybe there’s something else for us to pay attention to as well—life lessons for us to learn at the pump.

Could it be that rethinking the way we drive our car can also be an opportunity to rethink the choices we make in life?

Feature Article

Lessons at the Pump

Yes—gas prices are high. It’s an inconvenience for some, and truly a hardship for others. Lately, I’ve been thinking that finding ways to drive in a more fuel efficient way can not only save money, but also remind us to practice more conscious living skills.

Look at it this way: your car gets you around in your world; the body in which you live does the same thing. Taken a step further, the gas you need to run your car can be thought of in the same way as the energy you need to live your life. Both are in limited supply, so it’s wise to pay attention to how we use it, squander it, conserve it, or waste it.

So let’s have some fun and see how these 7 tips can be translated to help you get more mileage out of your car and out of your life.

7 Driving Tips for Conscious Living

Driving Tip #1: Check and replace air filters regularly: Replacing a clogged or dirty air filter keeps impurities from damaging the inside of your engine.

Living Tip #1: To me, this tip is a reminder to pay attention to the quality of the air we breathe:

1. If you smoke, stop. It’s stupid really.
2. Pay attention to your breathing, especially when you’re stressed. Simply taking 3 or 4 long, slow, deep breaths can help to quiet your mind and regain some balance.
3. Get that heart rate going. A recent study showed that just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (think brisk walking) 3 times a week cuts mild to moderate depression by 50 percent.

Driving Tip #2: Select the right oil: Using recommended grade oil can improves mileage by 1-2 %-an -annual savings about $50. Change your oil as recommended to extend the life of your car.

Living Tip #2: Just like a car needs the right quality oil to run properly, so does our body need high quality fluid: water. Not soda, not coffee, and not that glass of wine that tempts you at the end of a stressful work day—just 100 % hi grade pure H2O.
Most of us don’t get those 8 glasses a day we so critically need, especially in these hot months. And if you use thirst as a barometer, you’re in trouble because by that time, you’re already in the early states of dehydration.
So make it a habit to reach for water before anything else, and keep your engine running at its best.

Driving Tip #3: Slow down!
Speeding really does cost you: gas mileage usually decrease rapidly above 60 mph. Each 5 miles per hour over 60 mph is like paying an additional 20 cents per gallon at the pump.

Living Tip #3: Most all of us think we can get more done if we move faster. Multi-tasking has become the norm. But actually the reverse is true. Doing what needs to be done in a conscious, mindful way—one thing at a time-- not only allows us to get more done, but things just seem to flow more easily into place. Try it—you’ll see.

Driving Tip #4: Use cruise control and avoid sudden starts and stops whenever possible. Cruise control cuts consumption by maintaining a steady speed during highway driving.

Living Tip #4: What a great reminder to “go with the flow!” Life really does have a natural rhythm all its own, and if we just listen to this wisdom, rather than pushing our own agenda, we’re more apt to enjoy the ride.

Driving Tip #5: Ditch “junk in the trunk!” An extra 100 pounds in the trunk cuts a typical vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 2%. By removing that extra weight, you can save up to 12 gallons a year—about $48.

Living Tip #5: Okay—even though this one is obvious, you may want to try this little experiment. Carry around a 5 lb. bag of potatoes for even a half hour, and you’ll see how extra weight creates wear and tear on your body.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, remember to start slow. Make those dietary changes a way of life, and pretty soon, you too will be traveling lighter.

Driving Tip #6: Get gas first thing in the morning. Gasoline expands with heat and contracts with the cold. As a result, it’s possible that getting gas first thing in the morning gives you more value for your dollar.

Living Tip #6: Like your momma always told you, eat a good breakfast. Studies show that people who eat the same number of calories early in the day, as opposed to late in the day, actually lost weight. So, start your day off right by fueling yourself first thing in the morning.

Driving Tip #7: Avoid idling, which gets 0 mpg.

Living Tip #7: How often do our minds race—ruminating about the past, obsessing about the future, even though on the outside we are doing nothing at all? A lot—and that compulsive thinking can take its toll.

So, pay attention to small windows of time to just be. If you find yourself waiting--at a light, for an appointment, on a line—choose to turn off. Breathe, notice what’s around you—a blue sky, a beautiful tree-- and just be.

And one more thing: Making changes in your driving habits that increase your mpg from 20.1 to 21.1—only one mile--saves you 29 gallons a year or $116.

In driving, as in life, small changes do add up.

Until next time…
Be well!

(*Information adapted from the Alliance to Save Energy ( All savings tips are calculated with fuel economy of 20.1, with gas at about $4.00)




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