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Winter 2010

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Welcome Everyone!


Have you noticed that life has a rhythm? With musical fluidity, seasons change, birds migrate and the sun sets every night. No matter what we say or do, we cannot force nature to do anything different than what it was designed to do.


This rhythm exists within us as well. With every breath our hearts beat, women’s bodies respond to a monthly cycle, and regularly, our cells die off and replace themselves. Yes, there is an innate wisdom in every living organism, in all of life.


Looking at the way most of us live, we seem out of sync with this natural rhythm. We run to meet deadlines, we hurry to get things done. Virtually all of us have a running dialog that says we can’t relax or be happy until ………keeping us trapped in an endless loop of go, go, go. Unfortunately, it’s hard to dance when we’re running.


Feature Article

Dancing with the Rhythm of Life

But is it possible that underneath this busyness, the rhythm has always been there, ready for us to tune into its natural flow. Is it possible to be live happy and productive lives by honoring and dancing with this rhythm?


Yes, I believe there is, but it may mean making some internal adjustments about how we “do life.” We must decide whether we are willing to dance with this natural rhythm and see where it takes us. This choice may mean letting go of some of our best laid plans and instead seeing what life has in store. But more often than not, what evolves is so much greater than anything we could have imagined.


To begin to dance, it’s necessary to learn some basic steps, so here are three. They may seem simple, but as with all skills, mastery requires consistency and practice.


1. Accept what is.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Yet it is one of the hardest things to do. When we don’t like what’s happening, every one of us fights with the reality of what is. “I won’t accept that I’ve gained 20 lbs., or work this job, or am in this relationship! I won’t accept it…I just can’t!”


Most of us think that resisting reality is a way of changing it, and accepting it means we’re going to stay stuck. But actually the opposite is true.


It’s our resistance to what is that causes us pain. Once we acknowledge and accept the truth of the matter, enormous energy and power is released that can lead to answers and resolution. Acceptance opens up a space from which we can move forward.


2. Let go of the outcome.


We can’t control it anyway. Yes, we can set intentions, and channel our energy to create what we want. But life has the final call and what ultimately happens is out of our hands. When we can relax and loosen our grip on what we think needs to happen, it becomes so much easier to just enjoy the dance and let the outcome take care of itself.


Louise Hay, a motivational teacher, makes a wonderful suggestion. Conclude every intention with, “This or something better now manifests for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways for my own highest good and that of all concerned.”

3. Get curious.


Now comes the good part. Once we are open to accepting what is, and letting go of the outcome, we can actually BE present to our lives. We can be curious about our experience and watch with wonder as it unfolds. We can be with this breath, this moment, this life that is uniquely and miraculously ours to dance.


Until next time…
Be well!



What's New


With the new year comes new opportunities to grow. I have recently completed a training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), am headed to Miami next month for a 3-day intensive in couples counseling, and am looking forward to a training in advanced EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing) strategies in the spring. I love to learn and am so grateful to live in such a supportive community!


I will be speaking at Resolve of Central Florida on Tuesday, February 7 at 7 PM at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital. Contact Susanna at for more information.


My book, I am More Than My Infertility: 7 Proven Tools for Turning a Life Crisis into a Personal Breakthrough, is available through These tools are universal and timeless, and can apply to any crisis or life challenge.


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