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Fall 2010

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There are some misleading rumors out there about what positive growth feels like. To hear the way some self-help experts tell it, there’s a simple formula: say the right affirmations, think positive thoughts, visualize the outcome, or adopt some other easy formula, and voila! change happens.


Then, when the results are short lived, you end up beating yourself up, convinced that you must be falling short and that everyone else is having an easier time. Wrong! Read on to get a realistic view of what to expect when you really and truly make the commitment to positive change.


Feature Article

Growing Pains

Here’s an example most everyone can relate to. Imagine that you decide to begin an exercise program. Maybe you have some health concerns, or have watched a weight loss challenge on TV. You’ve made a decision, you’re buy the sneakers, dust off the gym membership, maybe even tape a picture of the “new you” on your bathroom mirror. But after a little while, you lose some steam; your muscles are sore, that snooze button in the morning is awfully tempting, and you’re not seeing results as fast as you want. Before you know it, the best laid plans have fallen by the wayside.


Unfortunately, what most people fail to realize is that the resistance, in this case the physical discomfort and negative self talk, is what growth feels like. The discomfort is the growth. You want the resistance to come to the surface because it becomes your choice point; it’s when you get to look squarely at what’s blocked you in the past and choose to move beyond it.


The same holds true in any situation where you want positive growth. One client I worked with wanted to be able to network to expand her business. In the process, she needed to deal with her sense of awkwardness about meeting new people and her dread of public speaking. Another couple desperately sought to deepen the communication in their marriage. As a part of their journey, each had to confront fears of vulnerability and safety in their relationship. Confusion, uncertainty, a sense that the ground is shaky underneath you and you have no solid place to stand—this is what the transition of growth can feel like.


Time and time again, life teaches you that the satisfaction of lasting change comes only to those who have the courage to address whatever has stood in their way in the past. Like a clogged drain that needs to be cleared, ”the only way out is through.”


The good news? These growing pains don’t last. And soon—sooner than you think—what once seemed like an insurmountable obstacle becomes a new normal. And the rewards, the gratification—a healthy body, a successful business, a loving, intimate relationship—those are the things that can last a lifetime.


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What's New


With Thanksgiving around the corner, I want to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for your client referrals and for the wonderful opportunity to work with people who never fail to inspire me with their courage. It is truly a blessing to watch people grow and change in ways that not only impact their lives, but all those they touch.


And many thanks to my colleagues and the professional trainings that continue to help me grow my knowledge and discover new ways of effectively working with clients. With over 100 continuing education hours accumulated in the last two years, I am committed to bringing my best to the work I do.


Many thanks for your referrals!


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