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Welcome Everyone!


To borrow a quote from Scott Peck in A Road Less Traveled, “life is hard,” and these days those words never seemed more true. Looking around at the state of the world, it’s easy to see that many people are struggling.


Yet, the New Year is here, and with it a blank state of new possibilities.  Things can be different, but if you strap yourself with the same tired resolutions, you’ll probably find yourself frustrated and giving up by month’s end.


So this year, why not make a different kind of resolution….one that doesn’t make life harder, but easier, kinder and softer around the edges…

Feature Article

A Gentler, Kinder Resolution

Most resolutions focus on self-improvement. For example, this is the year you will finally lose that weight, or get organized. The problem with these resolutions is that they can seem as if they are putting even more stress on your life, which is why it’s so easy to fall off the wagon.


But what if you’ve been going about it backwards? You see, there are some people who indeed do find success.  And if you talk to them, you will discover a common theme: truly successful people make choices that ultimately cause them to feel good about themselves. 


So what if your resolution this year is focused on ways to feel good about your choices right now? An easy way to begin is to consider the most obvious:  people, places and things already in your life.


Here are some simple ideas to get you started:


People:  Identify those people whose company you truly enjoy…those relationships where the norm is that both of you walk away feeling lighter somehow. Now make a plan in advance to have contact--talk on the phone, have coffee—on a regular basis.


Places:  Do you enjoy sitting by the lake, walking your dog around a particular neighborhood, visiting a certain bookstore, or taking quiet time in a favorite chair? Is there a way to build a small indulgence into your schedule so that it becomes a natural extension of your life?


Things: This is my personal favorite because it is so easy, yet can make such a big difference. What are the little things that really feel good to do…those random acts of kindness? Giving a genuine compliment, smiling at a stranger, waiting long enough to hold the door for someone…these take virtually no time, and yet they remind us of our connection with others and pay it forward in ways you can’t even imagine.


These small steps are cumulative and over time have the power to create a rewarding life. And when you do things that make you feel good about yourself, success naturally follows.


Blessings in the New Year!


Until next time…
Be well!


What's New


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a powerful technique that heals trauma and optimizes well-being. I am truly honored that the International Journal of EMDR Practice and Research is publishing an article that I have written in the Winter 2012 issue.  As a certified EMDR practitioner, I am grateful for this powerful method of psychotherapy that makes such a positive difference in the lives of my clients.


My work with couples has taken on a new dimension with the integration of  Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. Studies have shown that this type of counseling, which helps couples address and heal problematic cycles in their relationship, has been found to have the highest degree of long-lasting success.


Many thanks for your referrals and your outstanding support of my practice!


For more information about my practice, be sure to visit my website at


My book, I Am More Than My Infertility: 7 Proven Tools for Turning a Life Crisis into a Personal Breakthrough, is available through These tools are timeless and can apply to any crisis or life challenge.


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