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Within Every Challenge...

...Are the Seeds of Opportunity

Autumn 2012

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Welcome Everyone!


Anyone who is familiar with my practice has probably noticed that the words, “Within every challenge are the seeds of opportunity,” appear on my website and on my business cards. Those words are very intentional as I deeply believe that it is life’s challenges that push our growing edge.


But what is it about challenges that have the power to transform? And is there a way to be with these challenges that shifts them from obstacles to the transformational opportunities they are?

Feature Article

The Healing Power of Nature

“Within every challenge…”


Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from mundane bumps to full-blown boulders in the road of life. But no matter the extent of the challenge, what they all have in common is a sense of uncertainty; you feel stretched by what is happening, and your ability to cope is called into question. Perhaps you fear that the skills that you have do not sufficiently equip you for what you are facing.


In other words, there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Now pause and take a breath…because as easy as it is to overlook, it is within this gap, or space, where the possibility of true change lies.


….are the seeds of opportunity.”


When you are pushed outside your comfort zone by life’s challenges, your brain and body reacts. There are thoughts, often negative ones, which run a mental commentary on what you are experiencing. You judge, analyze, compare the present to the past or project hope or dread into the future. Feelings are stirred up…anger or fear, and your body reacts in a stressful way. Everything within you goes on high alert!


Now…what do you do with all this energy?


If you are like most people, you will try to resist or shut down this discomfort: turn on the TV, have a drink, play with your phone. There are a million ways to avoid.


And that is the missed opportunity.


Because all the energy you are experiencing is the energy available for your transformation.


And all you have to do is notice what is happening. Observe the thoughts,…feel the feelings…notice the body sensations. Breathe into the all of your experience.


For even a moment, seal off the exit doors and sit in the burning building of what is happening right now. See what you do when challenges arise in your life. See how events impact you and how you react on the inside.


Go for this transformational ride!


Observing yourself in the moment is life’s greatest teacher. Only this allows you to see how you create your own suffering.


And only this awareness opens the door to choice….the key to positive and lasting change.


Until next time…
Be well!


What's New


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a powerful technique that heals trauma and optimizes well-being. I am truly honored that the International Journal of EMDR Practice and Research has published an article that I have written in the Winter 2012 issue.  As a certified EMDR practitioner, I am grateful for this powerful method of psychotherapy that makes such a positive difference in the lives of my clients.


My work with couples has taken on a new dimension with the integration of  Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. Studies have shown that this type of counseling, which helps couples address and heal problematic cycles in their relationship, has been found to have the highest degree of long-lasting success.


Many thanks for your referrals and your outstanding support of my practice!


For more information about my practice, be sure to visit my website at


My book, I Am More Than My Infertility: 7 Proven Tools for Turning a Life Crisis into a Personal Breakthrough, is available through These tools are timeless and can apply to any crisis or life challenge.



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