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Welcome Everyone and Happy New Year!


A new year lies ahead, rich in all its possibilities. You may have plans or expectations, but the truth is that what lies ahead is as yet unlived, and as such, unknown.


The thought of this may bring excitement, anxiety, or a little of both. But ultimately, how you live into this truth has a lot to do with how you dance with not knowing. Do you partner with the unknown in a spirit of adventure, or do you try and control it, like a beast to be tamed?

Feature Article

Dancing With What’s Ahead

Truth is you just don’t know what’s coming around the bend. Of course, it’s easy to lose sight of this amid the structure and seeming predictability of day to day life. But there comes a time when, try as you might, the truth leaks out. This may appear as an event that blindsides you in way that causes you to question everything. Or it may be more subtle, like awaiting the outcome of an important decision, or finding yourself caught in an uncertain situation, not knowing how to respond


But learning how to dance with life, in all its unpredictability, can transform your experience. Here are some basic steps:


Slow down.
Usually, when you are faced with an unknown situation, there’s a tendency to speed up, imagining that if you can get to the other side fast enough, the discomfort will pass quickly as well. Actually, the opposite is true. By slowing the process down….breathing and moving more slowly, allowing your voice to get softer and slower, there is space for the unknown to reveal itself.


Do the very next thing.
When you go too fast, you miss life’s signals. But slowing down allows you to see the next thing that needs to be done, if anything at all.


Notice what is unfolding.
The unknown is constantly revealing itself. Things are constantly changing, and information becomes available that can make a difference to your choices. The unknown isn’t something out in the future somewhere; it is the present moment, unfolding and revealing itself, now.


Prepare where you can.
The unknown can feel scarier if you are  unprepared. Remember being in school and taking a big test you didn’t study for? Yea…that feeling. So do what you can to prepare for what’s ahead, and then let go of the rest.


There is a way to dance with the mysteries of the unknown so your life is richer for it. After all, when life gets too predictable, it can become monotonous and boring....and what’s the point in that? But when you lean into the unknown… into life…beautiful things can happen.


Until next time…
Be well!


What's New


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a powerful technique that heals trauma and optimizes well-being. I am truly honored that the International Journal of EMDR Practice and Research has published an article that I have written in the Winter 2012 issue.  As a certified EMDR practitioner, I am grateful for this powerful method of psychotherapy that makes such a positive difference in the lives of my clients.


My work with couples has taken on a new dimension with the integration of  Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. Studies have shown that this type of counseling, which helps couples address and heal problematic cycles in their relationship, has been found to have the highest degree of long-lasting success.


Many thanks for your referrals and your outstanding support of my practice!


For more information about my practice, be sure to visit my website at


My book, I Am More Than My Infertility: 7 Proven Tools for Turning a Life Crisis into a Personal Breakthrough, is available through These tools are timeless and can apply to any crisis or life challenge.



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