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Welcome Everyone!


Where does the time go? Every year, when summer rolls around, it reminds me that, incredibly enough, another year is half gone.


For many (even those who live in FloridaJ) summer is about vacation, road trips, lazy days…kind of like a big exhale. But with the pace of modern life, slowing down seems like it’s easier said than done. The truth is, though, that creating a life worth living is as much about not doing as it is doing. So let’s take advantage of what summer has to teach, and look at some ways to make the most of the season.


Feature Article

Summer School

Years ago, I attended a seminar where the presenter was a professional coach for successful Fortune 500 executives. What he shared was a bit surprising. Across the board, he discovered that every last one of these successful people, despite their busy schedules, was an absolute stickler about structuring time off into their schedule. In fact, taking a full day off each week was the norm. These people found that it was this structured down time that kept their creative juices flowing, sparked ideas that fueled their vision for success and helped them avoid burnout.


Now some of you might say that this is all well and good for the successful elite, but you have real jobs and real responsibilities. Fair enough. But what if it were true that, just by making a small change to your schedule, it would be possible for you to reap some of the same benefits? What if not a full day, then a half day, say a weekend morning, or even just an hour or two…scheduled consistently into your week?


Now, to clarify, this doesn’t mean zoning out in front of the TV or playing hours of video games. This down time is about no discernable activity at all (think sitting by the lake and gazing at the sunset), or activity that has no end goal. For example, gardening is fine as long as it’s not about getting the weeding done. Ditto for anything from cooking to hobbies to sports: just do what you do for the sheer joy of being in the experience.


And don’t forget to unplug either. Just because you live in a world where you are potentially available all the time, doesn’t mean you should be. It’s no wonder the body and the brain get so overloaded and exhausted. Human beings aren’t called human doings for a reason.


So as you settle in the summer season, consider how structured down time can help you learn these “3 R’s:”


Building structured down time into your week allows you to familiarize yourself with a pace that is mindful of your optimum wellbeing: i.e., how to take care of yourself while you take care of business. Over time, you learn that even activity can be restful.


Building structured down time into your week provides space for you to explore activities that energize you. Whether it’s a hike in the woods, spending time at the beach, or losing yourself in a project, the goal is to come away saying, “That felt great!”


Building structured time into your week lets you become aware of your own internal landscape. Whether it’s a simple meditation, spending time in prayer, taking a mindful walk or journaling, investing time getting to know yourself increases your self-awareness, which in turn helps you create a life that’s yours to enjoy.

And isn’t that what it’s really all about?


Until next time…
Be well!


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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a powerful technique that has been successfully used to treat phobias, complicated grief, panic attacks, performance anxiety, sexual and/or physical abuse, trauma, pain disorders, as well as personal coaching, performance enhancement and much more.


My work with couples has taken on a new dimension with the integration of Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. Studies have shown that this type of counseling, which helps couples address and heal problematic cycles in their relationship, has been found to have the highest degree of long-lasting success.


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